Jane Brown Watt Saladen
8 June 1828 - 6 May 1891

      Jane was born June 8, 1828 to Joseph and Mary Ann Brown on Glendale Street, Manchester, Lancashire, England. Little factual information is known concerning Jane. However, it is of interest to note that she was a flower girl for the coronation of Queen Victoria Alexandrina of England. Jane immigrated with her mother to Utah in the summer 1851. Jane and her mother Mary Ann lived in a house owned by her half-brother, George Darling Watt, on West Temple in Salt Lake City. Jane Brown married George in the early winter of 1852. She was George’s second wife. George and Jane had three children: Joseph b: 1852, Robert b: 1854, and Margaret b: October 12, 1857.

     Perhaps the principle of polygamy was too difficult for Jane to accept, when George wanted to marry more wives she left and divorced George and moved to Fort Laramie Wyoming taking her 3 children with her. At Fort Laramie she met and married Adam Saladen, a soldier. Jane’s mother went with Jane and her children to Fort Laramie and stayed there until after she married Adam. Robert (the second child of George D. Watt and Jane) later returned to Utah and was raised in George's home.

     Jane and Adam were married at Fort Laramie on January 30, 1865. Adam was mustered out of the Cavalry in April of 1865. Adam and Jane stayed at the Fort for a few months after leaving the Army. Adam was a blacksmith during this time and then they traveled back down the Oregon Trail to the Nebraska city of Syracuse. In the Nebraska area their first son John Brown Saladen was born on November 12, 1865. They were in that area for a time and then moved nearby to the Red Cloud area on April 15, 1873. Jane and Adam had three children, John Brown b: 1865, Joshua Brown b: April 15, 1870, and Alfred Robert b: 1872. Joseph and Margaret Watt were raised by Adam and took their stepfather’s surname of Saladen.

     Adam died August 31, 1888 in Red Cloud. Jane died May 6, 1891 in Red Cloud. They are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery there.

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