Waitgate Farm

Waitgate Farm is near Richmond, Yorkshire, England
Photo courtesy of David E. Brown

      Joseph Brown was born to John Brown and Ann Dodds on 20 March 1777 at Waitgate Farm near Richmond, Yorkshire, England. In the old parish records Joseph spelled his home hamlet "Wedgate". The Church of England warden who transcribed the Kirkby-Ravensworth parish register in 1777 spelled it "Wadegate".
      Waitgate farm doesn't appear on modern maps, but can be found on very old maps. The farm is on top of the North Yorkshire moors and is on land owned by the UK Ministry of Defence. It is used by the army as a practice range. Bear in mind the area is comprised of many square miles of moorlands and if a red flag is displayed in a particular part, you don't go there unless you want to possibly get shot. There is a single track road over the moors and you can go miles without seeing a farm or house, just soldiers on maneuvers.
      Finally the farm ruins will appear. The farmer who last farmed there left the farm in 1940 when the army compulsory purchased the land for army use. At that time there was another farm house just a few yards from the remaining building but that was demolished in 1950. The original building was probably built around about 1720. It is probable that the early tenants or owners would have lived in the original building and that the other farm house was built at a later date.

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The road to Waitgate farm.

Waitgate farm on the horizon.

The old Waitgate farm house.

Sally Brown and family visiting Waitgate farm.

Godfrey Ellis knocking on the door.

The Knarled old oak lintel.

The view from the farm of the moors.

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