Robert Richmond Brown

        Robert Richmond Brown was born 30 Nov 1866 in Nebraska City, Otoe, Nebraska, USA to Joseph Wood Brown and Jane Richmond. He died on 8 Apr 1947 in Wellsville, Cache, Utah, USA, and was buried 11 Apr 1947 in Wellsville Cemetery.
        On 16 Jan 1895 in the Logan Temple, he married Emeline Jeffs Gunnell. She was born 25 Jan 1872 in Wellsville to Francis (Wilson) Gunnell and Emma Jeffs. She died 19 Jan 1955 in Wellsville and was buried 22 Jan 1955 in Wellsville Cemetery.

 Their children are :
  1.Mary Gunnell Brown born 7 Oct 1895 in Mt. Sterling, Utah. She died 8 May 1979 in Ogden, Utah and was buried in Wellsville Cemetery. She married Esasias Lowe Lindley on 11 Nov 1914 Salt Lake City. He was born 23 Jan 1890 Rock Springs, Wyoming to William Haslam Lindley and Eliza Ann Lowe. He died 10 Jul 1958.
  2.Jane Gunnell Brown born 24 Aug 1897 in Mt. Sterling. She died 28 Jul 1975 in Logan and was buried in Wellsville Cemetery. She married Charles Spence Cooper on 23 Jun 1920 in Logan Temple. He was born 9 Apr 1894 in Wellsville to Levi Guest Cooper and Elizabeth Morrison Spence. He died 17 Nov 1982.
  3.Frances Gunnell Brown was born 7 Jul 1901 in Mt. Sterling. She died 13 Oct 1949.

Robert Gunnell Brown was born 21 Jun 1904 in Mt. Sterling. He died 13 Oct 1949 in Logan. He married Sara Jane Anderson on 23 Oct 1923 in Mt. Sterling. She was born on 9 Aug 1904 in Hyrum and died 7 Jun 1985 in Brigham City. They are buried in Wellsville Cemetery.
They had 4 children.
        1. Robert Anderson Brown was born 9 Nov 1923 in Wellsville. He married on 6 Dec 1946 in the Logan Temple. He died of a heart attack on 26 Jul 1992 in Salt Lake City and was buried in Wellsville Cemetery. He has 6 living children.
        2. A son born in Wellsville.
        3. Gilbert Von Brown was born 24 Apr 1932 in Wellsville. He died 5 May 1932 in Wellsville and was buried in Wellsville Cemetery.
        4. A daughter born in Wellsville.


      We are grateful to Von R. Brown for his hard work in documenting Robert's life.