Joshua Bailey Brown
1 Apr 1863 - 3 Jul 1944

      Joshua "JB" was born on 1 April 1863 to Joshua Wood Brown and Sarah Robbins Bailey in Wellsville, Cache, Utah, USA. He was the fourth of eleven children and grew up in Wellsville. At age nine, he was present at Promontory Point when the golden spike was driven connecting the railroads from the east and the west. Learn more about this momentous event at the National Park Service.

      JB married Mary Jane Archibald on 27 Jan 1887 in the L.D.S. Temple in Logan, Utah.

      He soon operated a grocery store and at the same time owned and operated a creamery in Kamas, Utah. In 1898, JB moved his family to Salt Lake City where he owned a livery stable. He had several rigs, wagons and some eight-seat carriages. The many tourists visiting the city used the eight-seat carriages for sight seeing excursions.
      In 1903, the family moved to Logan, where he helped develop the first condensed milk plant in Utah. On one of his trips to promote this product, he fell in love with the Clear Creek Valley in southern Idaho and arranged to purchase the old Naff Ranch there. Soon the family sold all of their property in Logan and moved all of their belongings to Idaho. They used wagons and teams of horses. It took many days to make the trip.
      The ranch had an old log house, an orchard, a large barn and sheds, a granary and corrals. There were hundreds of cattle, pigs and chickens. They prospered on the large ranch. During this time JB assisted in laying out the town of Strevell, Idaho, and built a large two-story southern plantation style home with many rooms for his family. Since it was the only place for hundreds of miles that could accommodate travelers passing through, it soon became a way station, furnishing meals and lodging and was called the Hotel Strevell. A post office was established where mail was delivered once a week from Kelton, Utah (which was a railway stop).
      Eventually JB built a large creamery on the ranch, where he made butter and cheese to supply the small towns in southern Idaho and northern Utah. By this time the ranch had eight or more hired hands and over one hundred cows to be milked morning and evening. Needless to say, his chilren learned to work hard at an early age. All the children each had their own horses and enjoyed taking long rides through the mountains and valleys. They said they knew that heaven must look like Clear Creek Valley surrounded by mountains.
      When the parents were away on business trips, the children (now teenagers) would run the Hotel, doing all the cooking and entertaining the guests with piano playing and singing. One boundary of the ranch was the Utah-Idaho state border. Each Fourth of July there was a big celebration held on the ranch at the state line. People from Standrod, Malta, Yost and Kelton would attend, plus many of the mountain people and valley farmers.
      JB was one of the first in the area to own an automobile when they became popular. He was able to take his family to California several times to escape from the cold winters. Eventually they moved to Ogden, Utah, and he died there July 3, 1944, at age 81. He was buried in Aultorest Memorial Park Cemetery in Ogden.His wife, Mary Jane, then moved to California and lived with her daughter, Sarah Eagleston, until she died March 5, 1951, at the age of 84. She was buried next to her husband.
                  Written by Dona E. Irwin, daughter of Sarah LaRue (Brown) Eagleston,
                  Using information from Betty S. Marriott, daughter of Blanche LaVon (Brown) Stewart.
      JB and Mary Jane had 7 children:

Priscilla Archibald Brown born 16 Oct 1889 in Wellsville.
Melvin Archibald Brown born 15 Jun 1893 in Wellsville.
Blanche LaVon Brown born 25 Nov 1895 in Wellsville.
Lorenzo Snow Brown born 28 Jun 1898 in Salt Lake City.
Clarence Wilford Brown born 27 Sep 1900 in Salt Lake City.
Sarah LaRue Brown born 24 Dec 1902 in Salt Lake City. She married William Gerald Eagleston on 2 Feb 1927 in San Francisco, California. They had 2 children. Sarah died on 5 Jan 1991 in Whittier, California. She was buried on 10 Jan 1991 in Brea, California. Click here for more about Sarah.
Mabel Brown born 13 Apr 1909 in Logan.